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  • Help please - watermark

    I learned to drive in my smart fortwo and couldn't find a way to display my L plates so ended up sticking two sides down with tape. Now I have passed and the L plate on my bonnet has left a nasty watermark behind. Can anyone please offer advice on how to remove the watermark as nothing I have tried so far is shifting it.
    Many thanks.

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    I'm not sure if this will be helpful.

    We used to have a new Mini on which a bird had left it's calling card. It was quite a large thick deposit which wasn't noticed for a few days. When I cleaned it off it had left a mark in the lacquer which didn't polish out.

    Roll on a few months and I was having a smart repair on my car and I mentioned this mark to the repairer and he said it just requires a bit of heat and he will sort it while he was between processes on my car. I didn't see him do it but he said he used a heat gun and it only took him a few seconds.

    If you try the above it is at your risk. Don't come back and moan at me if you burn the paint or melt your bonnet


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