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    Went shopping with the wife and bought more than we planned.
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    Been there done
    Did you get it all in?

    Worst we did was to buy an oak bookcase in a sale that we had to take with us, not thinking. Luckily my bruv was at home, he had to do a 40 mile trip to get us out of the mire.
    We also bought a 42" tv that I measured up & thought would fit. Bought it but forgot about the size of the box...Doh.


    • Paulleo
      Paulleo commented
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      Yes the printer went behind the wife's seat.

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    I've managed to move a three shelf bookcase in my 450 coupe before (although it did scratch the interior to hell). Also have had a 40 inch TV with friend by sliding it through the middle of the car. Not something I recommend because it made getting to the handbrake quite awkward. Made quite a scene for the people watching it go in.


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      A set of 4 Brabus Monoblock VI wheels with tyres are a tight squeeze in a 450 cabrio.


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        Originally posted by mccsmart2002 View Post
        A set of 4 Brabus Monoblock VI wheels with tyres are a tight squeeze in a 450 cabrio.
        That has reminded me of when I went down to London to pickup my Monoblock VIs with tyres last year. Got the two fronts in the boot, one in the passenger footwell and the last one strapped into the passenger seat. Must have looked quite ridiculous driving back along the A13 with a wheel as a passenger.


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          We managed that with the 451 on our first trip to costco....

          The looks on peoples faces when they saw everything going in was priceless

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            lol nice one! Ive had a wooden dining chair, 2 floor standing speakers full size, several bags, a bed side cabinet and two bikes in/on my smart car at the same time. That was great fun attempting to get all of that in but I managed it by folding the front seat down putting one speaker in the legs of the chair, the bedside cabinet behind the drivers seat speaker across the cabinet and the bags packed in around the speaker in the legs of the chair and the cabinet the 2 bikes on the back with towbar bike holder.... Very interesting seating position cramped up and gear knob was almost unreachable but I did it. It took an hour to pack it all in lol


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              You fit all of that in a Smart car, Paulleo? Are you some kind of a wizard? lol


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