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12 plate smart with 2045 miles

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  • 12 plate smart with 2045 miles


    I have recently part x my smart for a 12 plate with just over 2000 on the clock from smart Manchester. After two months the petrol consumption is poor and the acceleration is sluggish from my previous 5 smarts(fortwo)

    On speaking to Ari at Manchester who in turn spoke to the service manager, the response was that it needs to bed in especially with 2000 on the clock.

    Any comments or are Smart fobbing me off(which would be fatal for them)



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    I bought a Smart cdi with 1983 miles on the clock back in September 2011, the car was registered on March 29th 2011, until it reached 13000miles, the fuel consumption was not what I would call good, averaging 65mpg, it was also very unresponsive, I put this down to only having a 799cc 3 cylinder Diesel engine, then, just after 13000miles, I was going up hill on the M5 split level, the car made a weird, what can only be described as a farting noise, it accelerated up the hill, the fuel consumption figures have drastically improved, the car has just passed its second MoT having covered 53500miles, it does a 70mile round trip, 5 days a week, the average is just short of 76mpg, the last 2 fill ups have been 81.8mpg and 88.6mpg, when I oversleep and put my foot down, that's when the fuel consumption goes up, don't know if that's of any use to you, but that's my personal experience with my little plastic pig, and truthfully, now it's run in, I don't think I want to change it now Smart no longer make a diesel model even though the car is covering a higher than average mileage Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk


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      they have a point in it need to run in.

      focus owners with the 1.0 ecoboost engine have complained regularly with its economy but as soon as they get past 10,000 or so miles the mileage goes up.

      give it some shoe to loosen it up and try shell fuel. my uncle with his 1.0 focus put some v-power and he says his MPG has gone up


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        I assume this is a non-turbo/MHD model? Lalli is right, engines need time to run in. I think the handbook states how far Smart expects this to be.


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          Engines are broken in at last stage of production these days so you will not see any improvement as engine ages. Break in only takes a few hours at the most anyway.


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            if engines have come bedded in then why in the hand book does it state the running in procedure?

            the engine needs loosening up, give it some shoe now and then and the MPG will improve.


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