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Gears/drive revisited

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  • Gears/drive revisited

    Hello again all ...... well the gear selection / drive issue on my little Smart has finally been solved. It's had a new actuator fitted and now drives beautifully. It also had to have a new sensor in the exhaust. The dash display didn't light so the garage very kindly investigated this FOC and as it was bulbs they replaced them and charged me just for the bulbs. They were very helpful, and I'm delighted to be having loads of fun in my 'Dotty' ...... Dotty car for a dotty woman - so says my BF.

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    Glad you got it sorted. It's always nice when you get a good result.


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      Good news! You've put effort into that car - reap the reward


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        I fitted a new actuator to mine yesterday, the old one had finally reached a point where it was simply worn out and needed servicing too frequently, the differences are night and day even though I have not done a reteach and have set it only on a basic level.


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          Hi can anyone help with advice, my little 450 runs fine now that I got the code issues sorted but now I can be traveling along and the engine will just cut out, this can happen at any speed or if I am braking to slow down sometimes. I get the single bar code on the dash and after locking & unlocking the doors with key fob the computer resets it's self and it restarts and I can drive again sometimes for a few mile (15/20) or just yards. When the car drives it is a great little car but I just can't enjoy it as always on edge wait for it to cut out, I have been very lucky a few times in getting it into the side of the road safely. I have driven the car in Auto & Manual in process of fault finding but it happens in both modes, I have also turned of radio, heater, lights and unplug cameras to see if it was electrically power fault but it still happens. Any help or advice will be very much appreciated as I don't want to have to scrap the car. Bobby


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            Have a look on FQ101 and Evilution sites for significance of single bar. Three bars (of death!) is transmission and I think single bar is too.
            Most likely is a dodgy electrical connection and the likeliest there is chafed wiring and that is most likely to be where the harness passes (and rubs against) the lower art of the intercooler and its scoop. Chafed wiring problems tend to be at there worst in wet weather.
            Don't give up on it - it won't be so very significant a fault. Might be worth getting the codes read for a clue as to where to look first. Gear position sensor can also corrode (due to water ingress) but that isn't a big job, Gaining access is awkward - removing the NS inner wheel arch helps enormously. Clutch actuator is worth checking while you're there.
            If you can find the significance of the single bar first - it may speed up diagnosis. Let us know how you get on.


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