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Power loss then power back again

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    As soon as the idle speed settles down after cold start the wastegate should close (if you are outside the car a slight whirr can be heard as the turbo starts to spin up). Not controlled by SAM in footwell though - MEG in engine compartment. Aux air pump maybe from SAM but can't remember mine clicking on start up. Only clicking from there is rear wiper relay.

    I think, the power output is on the V5 doc. Unless it's an early model Pure,(or Brabus) it should be the 45kw (circa 60hp) motor you have. Early lower power (50hp) Pures were controlled differently ie, no cycle valve.
    If you cant find your power output from the above, I might have data that will provide info from engine number.


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      It happened again today... 60mph in 6th all of a sudden felt underpowered and slowing down and rough feeling (like a flat tyre or unbalanced wheel) or missfire. Told me to kick down to 5th and it felt smoother at over 3,000rpm. Changed back to 6th and rough feeling again at 2500 rpm.

      Going to change the plugs on the weekend.

      How many coils does the smart use? Is it just one coil box or 6 individual coils?

      5 mins of the journey it seemed fine, 5mins rough then 10 mins fine.

      Then the 20 minute journey home was fine



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        Mysterious problem you have.....
        Three double ended coils. Be sure to use the plug cap removal tool and check the leads for damage in case they've just been tugged off in the past.


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          Might be worth checking earth leads in engine bay. They aren't very substantial to begin with and can corrode.


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