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    Hi, My first smart had a sound pack fitted, my 2nd smart does not, is the only difference the addition of tweeters or is there a sub woofer too. Is it possible to retrofit the sound pack or am I better getting some 3rd part speakers etc? Thanks in advance.

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    Bass bins under the dash (rather than sub) IIRC. Some used to fit them retrospectively but involves dash removal - a lot of work.
    My car doesn't have the sound pack but I sat in one last month that has - a world of difference. Those bass bins make a massive difference.


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      Thanks Thrumbleux, my first smart was 17 years ago and I kept it a couple years so was a long time ago but I remember the Stereo kicked a lot better than this. I have changed the head unit to and Alpine which has built in crossover so I am toying with the idea of adding the original tweeters as a starting point but ideally don't want to take the dash out. then if I still feel it's necessary may go for an under seat subwoofer.


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        If I had the bass bins I probably wouldn't need a sub - which I have - a Clarion though I'd go for the Kenwood if I was doing it again. My sub plays from MP3 players with a Creative Labs Metallix velcroed to the dash (both with cables and 3.5mm jacks and mono only) and all the original set-up does now is provide a switching signal for the sub.Tried various amps before but could never get the reliable low level output form the Grundig head unit (forever tripping out).
        The car (Passion) I was in last month had an aftermarket head unit and with the Sound Pack tweeters and bass bins sounded much better than my (rudimentary) set up. I remember JakeMM on Smartz years ago fitting the bass bins. If they can still be bought, and JakeMM's thread still be found - worth considering.


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          I retrofitted the sound upgrade pack to my Smart last year. Bought a kit on ebay containing the speaker bins inc speakers, tweeters and the wiring loom to plug it all into the stereo. Also changed the Smart tape head unit for the CD item as the tape head unit requires a sound chip inserting to make use of the better speaker set up, the CD unit already has the capability inside and ready.

          Fitting is fiddly but not particularly difficult. You'll need to drill a couple of holes in the dash if fitting the tweeters. Sound difference is absolutely night and day. I actually listen to music in the car now!


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            The standard speakers are tiny, plastic piles of poo that sound awful. It's a bit of a pain taking the whole dash out but well worth it for the difference in sound quality. If you get a secondhand set of upgrade speakers try to get a set that comes with the wiring loom, as this is a separate part for the upgrade speakers. I connected mine up to a pair of crossovers and run them from an Pioneer bluetooth head unit, sounds great!


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              Thanks guys, is there a decent guide for removing the dashboard? do you need to remove the steering wheel, a little nervous because of the airbags etc.


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                You don't need to remove the steering wheel or disturb the airbag. Dashboard removal looks more serious than it is, just work carefully and methodically.

                I used the Evilution guide (subscription required to view this guide at 10 per year, massively worthwhile IMHO):


                There is also a guide over at FQ101:



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                  Sound pack has arrived, blimey those bins look huge! will let you know how i get on.


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