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Washer Jet Blockage

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  • Washer Jet Blockage

    Hi guys,

    Could someone let me know how to remove the washer jet block from the front of the car just below the windscreen, mine has a blockage that I don't seem able to clear. I've replaced the pump motor used compressed air (albeit from a can) to blow through the hose and from each of the washer jet nozzles and also used a needle / denta sticks to try and clear them but I think the blockage is further in the block.

    I tried to pull the block straight up (gently) but it doesn't seem to want to come out that way - I have my MOT looming and I'm worried that it will fail on the washer jets

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    You would have to take the whole front off and then manhandle the "one way" fit washer that is on the back of the washer block. So probably will wreck either the one way washer or the washer block when you remove it - so have replacements ready.

    You should be able to get some thin wire down the jets and out of the pipe at the bottom, but you have to maneuver the jets to be point as far away from the windscreen as you can to give you access to the hole behind the jets.Fuse wire is good for doing this.



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      Thanks John,

      I came across quite an old thread last night with a reply from Ian at Big that mentions to turn the block clockwise and anti-clockwise repeatedly while gently pulling up. I had to use pipe grips on it but I managed to get the block out eventually, soaked it in descaler overnight and its now working again. I've ordered a replacement one as taking it out has mullered the clips on it somewhat but it does seat back into place (albeit more loosely then it used to) but it will get me through the MOT until the new one eventually turns up.


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