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  • Alternator Compatibility

    Hi, I know that there can be problems if wrong alternator is fitted; my alternator failed (is not charging properly) so I took it down to check the brushes (they seem fine) so that was my attempt to fix the existing alternator.
    I went to scrap ward and found a an alternator on a car, I took if down and I am ready to fit it on my car. The problem is that on my car at the PHIN connector there are 2 black wires, while on the one from scrapyard there was only one white small wire.
    I am wondering if anyone has the expertise to confirm whatever or not the 2 alternators are compatible (i.e. fitting the scrapyard alternator won't damage my car).
    I will attach pictures of
    1. my existing alternator code
    2. scrap yard alternator code
    3. back of my alternator (the plastic only as it has been taken of my alternator when I checked the brushes)
    4. the back (connectors) of the scrapyard alternator (connectors are cut off so they are visible)

    Any help will be appreciated, as I don't want to waste time fitting an incompatible alternator at the best or damage my ECU at the worse

    Please note that the code on the alternators are similar, the amps are the same, and the back plate is identical, but as I said my car has to black wires going to the PHiN while the scrapyard one has only a thin white wire (as per picture)
    Please also note that on my alternator (as it is the case on the scrapyard alternator) there are 3 pins on the back but the middle one is not used

    I cannot upload pictures so all I can do is to put the label info
    my existing faulty alternator
    Denso 63321658 A115I 75A
    05901/2 DC A1601540301 14V

    the scrapyeard alternator
    magnet marely 28410/2 MAN1009
    063341658101 A115I 14V 75A

    Please note that even-though the scrapyard is a different make (on the plastic where the label is located on the side it is still printed Denso)
    Thank you

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    I don't know much about this other than the wrong alternator creates all manner of problems and, that the wiring of them has been discussed here before.
    Given how quiet this forum is these days you might be better to search for previous threads on the topic. And maybe better searching with Google than this forum's search function. Or take your question to Smartz - where there's still some activity.


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