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    Hi all,this is my first post on here.the car is a 451 2010 0.8 Cdi and driving this morning to work and suddenly lost power and my temperature light came on.i immediately pulled over(in fact a 100 yards from where I bought this car 9 days ago)!i called the aa and the guy said he can only think of the thermostat as the rad was cold but it had used some water since yesterday.i then found a garage literally just over the rd which my friend uses and there extremely good.then a minutes walk away a car hire place provided me with a car for two days.very strange this as it all happened in a small area.any info on the fault would be very helpful.ive yet to hear from the garage as he had other work booked before I took it in.

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    Hey there, welcome to the forum!

    It sounds very much like this (a subscription is required to read it fully):


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      Originally posted by Mesearcher1965 View Post
      .i immediately pulled over(in fact a 100 yards from where I bought this car 9 days ago)!i called the aa
      Was 100 yards too far to walk and ask why the car they just sold you isn't fit for purpose?


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        Hi guys,thanks for the replying and the useful was 7 am this morning so the dealer wouldn't have been in.i phoned him after the aa arrived and he was more than happy for me to take it to a garage they use but the aa chap said it would be foolish as it was 2 miles away.anyway an update from the garage.he can find no faults on the scanner he reset some old ones and he let the car tickover for two hours after flushing the system out and taking it for a drive.ill pick it up tomorrow and see how it goes if not I'll take it back and he will look leaks were found anywhere .fingers crossed folks


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          EGR cooler, if holed, leaks into exhaust and into inlet duct hence not easy to spot. The leak should easily show if you run a pressure test on cooling system but there will not be any external leak.


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