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  • Safe mode.

    My car has gone into safe mode. It will not pull up any incline. The engine management light has been took off and i have been told if i disconnect the battery it will come out of safe mode. If i do this will i need to recode the radio as i dont know the code. Where do i find the serial number ? I have a 2012 radio where it slides out to put a cd in ? I fitted a code reader to odb and i got 2 errors P0001 and P0002

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    From what I can see P0001 & P0002 doesn't exist??
    I'm guessing the battery disconnect will resent the safe mode on the 451 as it does on the earlier 450. But you will need to find out what caused the safe mode.
    Yes you will lose the radio code, so you need to find the code. Smart will be able to supply it but it will cost a few quid. Sometimes people write the code on the radio itself or maybe it's written in your service manual or other documents you have for the car. You can always run a temporary supply to the radio if you're that competent.


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      The errors are fuel related i got rid of them now have a P0299 which is turbo problem


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