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Replacement front bonnet panel

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  • Replacement front bonnet panel

    Not having much luck with my new Fortwo. Not 2 weeks old and came back to find someone had hit the front bumper causing a 3 inch long deep scratch.
    I assume it will be easier to have the panel replaced. Anyone tell me where I can purchase a painted ready to be replaced panel and how easy are they to swap?
    Or should I just return to Merc to change?

    Thanks for the help

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    I have removed the front panel from my 2017 smart Forfour to fit a Aframe towing bracket, it took me 30mins to remove with minimal tools, it's not hard.

    There are 2 trox screws in each wheel arch, 4 bolts across the top 2 of which attach the bonnet. Then 7 hold the bottom, 2 each side near the front and 3 across the back.
    Once all bolts removed start at each joint where front panel meets the wing and pull the edge of the front panel will in clip release each side then take his of the back edge of the top of the front panel ease up at the same time as pulling the front panel, the front will come forwards, unplug any wiring and remove front panel.

    To replace reverse the procedure.

    I got a spare grill from eBay, you may get the panel you want from there.


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