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    Hi, this is my first post on here so go easy on me.

    I have read a few reports on the new 453 on here and have noted that there is positive and negative feedback. So I thought I would give my first impressions of the new 453.
    I have owned a new 450 Fortwo, A Roadster Coupe, a 451 (I still have and run on a day to day basis) and the new 453 (wife's new car). So after some kind person set fire to our C Class Merc, we decided to get a smart 451 from a guy I worked with. As my wife only used it for work this was ideal, and as we had had a couple of smarts before we were familiar with all the quirks they had. The car we bought (451) was a car that I actually went to buy when I saw it in Smart Leeds in the showroom. It was second hand but looked as good as all the new cars around it. It had done 12K and was a good price. So I went back the next day to test drive the car and it had been sold. I was i bit gutted but moved on. The first day back to work in January we had a new member of staff starting. Guess what, he had that Smart I was wanting to buy. So to cut a long story short I had known the Silver 451 for a few years before we bought it for my wife to run. It had a ABS fault that was eventually traced to be a wire that had worn through on the ABS pump bracket. This was giving a intermittent fault but eventually I found it and made the wire good again. So we enjoyed the car no end. I have a Volvo estate that we use for anything else. The problem with that though is it is a manual and I hate changing gear. So I would drive the Silver 451 whenever I could. We would also drive uo to the Lake District on our weekends away. I enjoyed driving it for a couple of reasons. Its auto, its small and parking is always a hoot. Its no luxury car I know but its different. So thats the point I am making so far. I think the quirky looks and the auto mode is great. I have paddle change but to be honest never use them. So with my hate of changing gear, I started looking for a cheap Smart that I could use for going to work in as the journey is 12 miles up hill and down dale if I go the countryside way. Keeping the Volvo for the transportation of the dogs. So looking for a 451 that was anywhere near as good as our 11 year old pre MHD was difficult to say the least. Ours has not done lots of miles so I thought it would be a doddle to get a low millage 451 at a good price. Good price yes, condition no. All we looked at looked like they had been in a lake for a couple of years there was that much rust on them. Our 451 had had two good owners and it had had the calipers discs and rear drums painted by the first owner, and it still looks good. So we bought a new 453 Prime Auto Turbo Premium.
    So here is my feedback. BRILLIANT!!!

    It is light years away from the 451 which I now run and enjoy. Its is quieter it is smoother it can turn like a dodgem car. It has switches that feel far better than the 451. It is less rocky when driving as its wider. It is faster because of the turbo. It is also better on fuel so far. Not sure if it will get any better as its run in more, but its what I expected. Both cars are not as good as you would expect on fuel but they are OK. No problems with the Satnav and the bluetooth. In fact no problems at all. It is a little noisy near the rear wheel area but maybe with different tyres that can be cured. When you are sitting almost on top of the rear wheels this is a thing you may have to accept. Overall we are really pleased with the new Smart 453. Yes we could have bought another C Class Merc for this sort of money but at the moment we are happy with the little Smarts. They put a huge smile on our faces when we drive them.

    For anyone expecting a luxury drive from the new 453 forget it. For anyone wanting to replace the 451 then I would recommend the 453 Auto Turbo. Not driven any other so I cant recommend the manual or the non turbo. Driven back to back the new Smart is so much better. I still like the 451 though for the journey I do, to and from work.

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