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  • Tall tyres

    Hello everyone,
    I have a roadster and i have the 15 spinline wheels, currently with 185/55/15 tyres, my question is: what is the TALLEST tyres that can fit the car? Could i get away with a 185-195/80/15 or something like it.
    Searching tyre sizes all i find is what width i can have but i want the small rims and bouncy buggy type tyres on the car.

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    You need to be careful to ensure the size difference between front and rear stays under 2% or else the traction control will throw a hissy fit. I used the following couple of sites to calculate what size tyres and spacer I could get away with on my Brabus 450 - your not really interested in spacers but the second site is handy as it tells you the change in how close the tyre would be to the top of the fender:

    Tyre Calculator |

    Wheel Offset Calculator (


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      Agree with BobbaFett
      I had slightly different size tyres front and back on a VW Passat and the ABS traction control went NUTS!


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