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how to install bass boxes and speakers in the fron

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  • how to install bass boxes and speakers in the fron

    ok here is some help for those of you that want to try this!<img src=icon_smile_shock.gif border=0 align=middle>

    Firstly we have to take off the dash!
    1. Take out the following. Radio, drawer (under radio), passenger side air vent.
    2. Unscrew the centre consol, two underneath, one on each side one where the drawer was. Then take off the triangle with the hazard warning lights two screws are here.
    3. Then unscrew the rev counter and the clock. Pull the centre consol off.
    4. unscrew the four screws under the steering column and lift off and put to one side the Speedo. Remember that the Speedo will still be plugged in so be careful.
    ****************************ADDED***************** ***********
    on the right hand side of the steering coloumn is another screw holding the top of the dash to the lower section you need to go straigh in towards the front of the car. sorry for any confusion with this one!:embarasse
    ****************************ADDED***************** ***********
    5. where the air vent was take out the large screw inside the dash.
    6 now its time to lift the dash up but remember if you don’t have the sound upgrade to disconnect the speakers! Lift up the front and pull out

    Now that you have the dash out you can get the bass bins and speakers ready.

    Put the bass bins into place and secure them down. You don’t want any rattles!

    Now wire up your new speakers and place them into the bass bins (forgot to mention before you get to this stage make sure that your speakers fit in to the boxes!). there is a small gap when you place the speakers in to feed the wire out side of the box plus on the side of the boxes there are some clips to hold the wire.

    Now plug the stereo in and test to see if they work. If you installed to bass bins for the first time you will notice the difference! If everything works screw down the speakers and make sure that all cables are secure!

    Now when fitting the dash back on you will see 3 clips on the front just below the window. I think its best to position the middle one with the hole on the front of the dash then push down and forward if all has worked the dash should be secure! Now you have to screw every back in to place. Take your time as no screws should be left over and as I said before you don’t want any rattles!

    Good luck!

    Michael Vermaak


    to attach the base bins you need
    4 x Q0001881V000000000 DG40 x 16z screw
    which is the same screw as the lower dash
    and 2 6m nuts
    2 x Q0001891V000000000 6m nut

    to attch the speakers to the bin use the screws provided in the kit or
    8 x Q0001880V000000000 K35 x 20 screw


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    Well said ... I would also protect the front edge of the dash/tridion with tape just to avoid scratches.

    I found it was easier to screw the bass bins down if I removed the lower dash/knee roll as well ... and the screws holding the old speakers are perfect for fixing the bins in place.

    This job is not as daunting as the pictures would have you believe.


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      hi mike, after looking at your pics i think i'll give it a go! i think i'll use the speakers in my door pods for the bins, then fit some smaller mids in the doors. just not sure where to fit crossovers now, as i'd have door pods (2 speakers) tweeters (2) and the 2 bass bins, and only two channels on my head unit (i do have an rca out aswell though). any ideas? maybe i could run them all off a small amp (if thats possible)?



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        you wouldnt happen to have the part number for the bass bins my smart centre doesnt know what Im talking about/

        or where to buy some?

        Lost down under


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          its part of the sound upgrade package tell them that. also do you have a rhd or a lhd? also which mk?

          i will try and find a part number for you though.


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            ok here they are! thanks to fudge for helping me!

            RH side box Q0011171V003000000 £15.53
            LH side box Q0011168V003000000 £15.53


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              Hi All, Urgent help needed.

              I followed instructions to the letter, Fantastic...

              Problem, I need to install the tweeters but I dont know where the connectors go. I have the CD headunit and the connectors on the back are all male via connector block. The connectors on the tweeters are male also. Any idea how I connect the tweeters.

              This is urgent because my dash is in bits


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                Vermaak, I followed the instructions great in principle and generall but the LHD is slightly different and to screw in the bass boxes you have to dismantle the dash further than stater. I managed it though just forgot to get some T 20s to screw in the bass boxes so borrowed some from somewhere else. All sounds good now though so cheers.



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                  yeah i have not yet taken the dash off of a LHD so not too sure about what is what.


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                    i have just done the bass bins and found that you have to take off the lower part of the dash too on a lhd. the near side pod needs to be bolted from underneath which was a pain. i will look on the box to see if there is a part number for others incase they need them!


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                      I managed it though just forgot to get some T 20s to screw in the bass boxes so borrowed some from somewhere else.
                      Quick question - how many T20's do I need to get for completing the job on my RHD?


                      D. <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>


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                        two mate!, you will also need four other little screws which are the same as you take out the dash board when taking it to bits, got mine from halfords as the merc garage only had one!


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                          Great guide - a fantastic help.

                          Just one problem...

                          Any tips on getting the dashboard back in place?

                          Been at it for an hour! Help! There must be a special knack to it?




                          No worries... just been out to have another go... and this time it went right in first time!

                          Guess it's not really down to knack, but sheer luck!

                          All sorted now and yes... what a difference bass bins and decent speakers make!

                          D. <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

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                            kinda sheer luck and getting the middle one on first!


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                              This is just the info I was after to get the dash out. Before I order the bass bins can you just confirm that the 13cm Focals I have bought for my luck girlfriend will fit in them - do they take 13cm units. Should be OK for depth. I have them in my Roadster and they sound the biz.

                              Good pics BTW Vermaak.



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