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451 cabrio roof stopping retracting. Any clues?

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  • 451 cabrio roof stopping retracting. Any clues?

    Hi all. I have a 2008 w451 cabrio and for no apparent reason, the roof has started playing up. When I press the button to retract it, it goes back to the point where it normally stops before having to release the button and press it again to make the back part of the roof to go down onto the boot lid so I can take the bars off. The problem is, when I get to the 2nd press, it moves an inch or so then stops. I cannot therefor remove the roof bars. I can confirm that the boot lid is fastened up properly, the roof is locked into place properly just over the boot, and the roof guides are in their tracks properly. Also the roof bars are fixed properly in place. Has anyone had the same issue and can help? Thanks in advance

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    Has it been serviced in the last couple of years / ever? (the roof mechanism)?
    Link is to Evilution page on servicing it which may free it for you...


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