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    The remapping question comes up again and again,
    so here's a handy guide...

    What is a Remap??

    Remapping is a process where the ECU (the computer inside the car)
    is reprogrammed with improved performance settings.

    The ECU (Engine Control Unit) is basically a micro computer stored in the engine which controls everything, particularly the engine. It’s these engine settings that control everything from the mixture of fuel to the turbo boost pressure, and its these settings that get up-rated.

    Amongst other things an aftermarket remap can:
    1) Remove the top speed limitation (fortwo)
    2) Increase the bhp of the car, using more of the engines capability
    3) Make the gear changes smoother (& alter when the changes happen).
    4) Make the car quicker to pull away

    What difference can I expect to get?

    Below is a guideline for remaps –
    adding tuning parts (ie exhausts, air filters) will often provide 2-4 bhp extra per application…

    Smart Roadster 80bhp --> in excess of 100bhp after remap
    Smart ForTwo 700cc 61bhp --> in excess of 80bhp after remap

    That’s an increase of nearly 40%

    ** Remaps will also show up any inherent defects that your car may already have. Changing effects EVERY part of your car, you're going faster & working the engine harder. This means:
    1) If you have a cracked turbo the extra pressure will show that up.
    2) If you are over boosting the extra boost on the remap may put your car into safe mode.
    3) If you use the extra power a remap gives you to drive like a lunatic then you may have GREAT fun but your engine will not last as long.....

    Why does the smart limit the engines?
    Some countries get massive tax advantages which go hand in hand with the engine/speed/emissions limiting on a "factory standard" smart. Also an engine not operating at it's maximum power output has less stress put upon it (and less potential repairs). Smart also has to allow for varying qualities of fuel around the world, and the method in which it burns this fuel.

    Standard settings aim to give the Smart the best ‘all round’ combustion to achieve the best emissions and the best economy. Remappng adjusts these settings biasing them towards speed & performance.

    OMG that sound's soooo scary? Will it blow my car up???
    Probably not - even smart themselves offer their own Brabus "remap" ~
    It is available from smart main dealers (and is more costly than aftermarket remaps £700 approx). However you should consider remapping carefully and ask at least a few basic questions before making your decision.

    Some of the questions you need to ask!
    1) Does the company check the vehicle BEFORE remapping it to make sure the car is in a suitable condition to take the extra power output.
    2) Is the company established (will they be there if something goes wrong)

    3) What warrantee do they offer?
    4) Do they have premises and mechanics (if something goes wrong can they fix it?)
    5) Do they have public indemnity/liability insurance? (who covers the cost)
    6) Do they have a relationship with their remap software suppliers, or is it "one coat fits all"? Sometimes an ECU (particularly on the new models, which have many component variables) does not play ball, do they have the ability to get the software tailored to sort this out for you?
    7) Will they give you trustworthy advice the negatives as well as the positives?

    Who does smartmaniacs recommend and why?
    Because of all the reasons above AND the fact that we have a personal relationship with these two companies (and a mediation procedure) smartmaniacs recommends using smartsRus, smartarse design or wellsmart.

    Both companies meet all the above criteria, both do extensive checks on the car and both will give you sound advice on the best tuning package to meet your individual needs.

    I hope you found this useful - if you have any specific questions please feel free to pm me and I'll try to help.

    All the best

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