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Preheating diesel filter

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  • Preheating diesel filter

    Winter, although diesel antifreeze additives happens is that the fuel filter to clog.
    To prevent this phenomenon, the filter must be heated so that it does not block. This can be achieved with a low-power electrical resistance.
    The diesel fuel filter at my disposal is a MANN Filter WK612 / 6
    I have prepared the surface of the filter for winding.
    First we removed the protective foil
    and cleaned the surface (can be diluted with nitro / Brake Spray / gasoline / etc -
    I covered the surface with kapton
    The coil wound is now Kanthal A 4x0.3mm 0.39 Ω / feet (5m via eBay at 5.15 $). The length of the coil is ~ 7 feet.
    I pinned the beginning and waved
    At the end I arranged the coils and fixed them with the masking tape
    I checked the insulation resistance and covered the wrapping with a layer of kapton. Over a layer of aluminum as a thermal shield
    The winding ends are on the outside; I connected them mechanically with insulated electric conductors
    Both today.
    Measured values:
    - power supply 14,3V
    -currently absorbed 5,3A
    -power 75.8W.
    At 12.0V the values are:
    -current 4,4A
    -parts 53.4W.

    Power supply is from the battery but is 'squatting' components for a capacitor (via eBay) that fueled it.
    It also requires thermal insulation on the outside. That's what I'm looking at for the insulation materials used in Aircon.

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    Do you also intend to cover up your diesel fuel cooler?


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      My heat pads are due to arrive any time now. Planning to fit two of them wrapped around fuel filter with a neoprene knee bandage to hold them on and provide insulation.


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        I intend to isolate the filter.

        In 2 seconds the filter is hot and in 10 it's hot. Of course it's just filled with air. Tomorrow I go to a friend and get a glass of diesel.
        Then the tests will be real.


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          Specified CFPP (cold filter clogging point) for winter diesel sold in Rumania is - 20C and - 15C for UK.

          Worldwide Winter Diesel Fuel Quality Survey 2014:


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              Note that highest poor point for the UK was as bad as - 12C.


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                I have not had personal filter problems because I am using diesel -20C.
                Mixed with gasoline, 3% gasoline (max).

                Evo Diesel Plus.
                The safety data sheet reads that the diesel fuel can ignite from the spark! Is diesel even? It is possible that who wrote the datasheet does not know that diesel does not spark (never), which is why Otto motors do not work with diesel.


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                  Mixing up to 50% petrol with diesel was common in the olden days. Not recommended with common rail engines due to the high pressures. Detonation and reduced lubricity may damage engine.


                  Bis in die frühen 1990er-Jahre wurde in manchen Betriebsanleitungen empfohlen, bis zu 20 % Normalbenzin zum Dieselöl beizumischen, allerdings mit Einschränkungen in der Wirtschaftlichkeit und des Laufverhaltens des Dieselmotors. Dies ist heute meist nur noch bei alten Dieselmotoren mit Vor- oder Wirbelkammereinspritzung und verhältnismäßig einfacher Reiheneinspritzpumpe als auch rein mechanischer Verteilereinspritzpumpe möglich, auch wenn diese durch den Kraftstoff geschmiert werden.

                  Die Zugabe von Benzin zu Diesel senkt den Flammpunkt des Dieselkraftstoffes drastisch. Dies führt zu einer erhöhten Explosionsgefahr und sollte daher aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht durchgeführt werden. Genaueres steht im Handbuch des Autos. Fahrzeuge mit Common-Rail- oder Pumpe-Düse-Direkteinspritzung (seit etwa 2000 am Markt) vertragen die Zugabe des Benzins grundsätzlich nicht, da der Schmierfilm, der durch die selbstschmierende Wirkung des Dieselkraftstoffes in den Pumpen entsteht, durch Ottokraftstoff abgewaschen wird, was die Pumpen unmittelbar beschädigt.[40]Auch nach versehentlichem Falschtanken darf der Motor nicht gestartet werden.



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                    The 3% gasoline method is verified on smart 450 CDI in the winter of 2015-2016 and in the winter of 2016-2017.
                    Now with the heated filter, we can suppress this additive.

                    We used gasoline at ARO, two gasoline buckets (20 liters) on a diesel fuel tank. But there were other times, the diesel froze at -5C. Besides, I had a filter cartridge with a filter cartridge; we change the cartridges to 2 weeks. They were cheap (0.25 pounds) and were found at every corner of the street.


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                      I measured the pressure in the injector ramp at the rewind speed - the same value as 2 years ago.
                      Of curiosity we searched for diesel fuel filters.
                      These filter elements are either old (25 years) or counterfeited.
                      Now they are manufactured in China and the price is 10 times higher.
                      The supplies for the truck, tractor, diesel ARO were unified, interchangeable for any model - before '89. The available diesel at that time began to get cloudy from + 10C, the best ones resisted to 0C. Anyway, at -10C they could stretch on bread (like jam).

                      Theft of diesel was a common thing by replacing the amount with water .
                      The diesel emulsion clog the filter.
                      The emulsification phenomenon occurs in the tank due to the condensation of the water vapor.
                      By heating, the water dissociates. Thereafter it can be separated by decantation.
                      At Smart 450, access to diesel filter is difficult, it is nonsense to apply a water drain plug.
                      To petrol engines, we add technical alcohol to gasoline. Alcohol is miscible with water and gasoline. The water gets into the cylinder and is removed with the combustion gases.
                      I have to try if alcohol is mixed with diesel ...


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                        Filter heating test:
                        -starting temperature: 26 ° C
                        -temperature after 3.5min: 46C
                        -In 3.5min I disconnected the power supply
                        -temperature after 7min: 60C
                        -the amount of Diesel fuel: 50ml.

                        The filter was not insulated, only a face of the resistance (50%) acted.

                        For the intended purpose - removing fuel caps - is 100% fit.
                        Thermal insulation will increase the efficiency of the device.


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                          You are cooking on residual heat or your temperature gauge is slow to react?


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                            After leaving the supply (3.5 min), only the residual heat can be.
                            The thermometer used has thermal inertia only a few seconds (5?) At least 10 times lower than the process time.
                            However, it needs to be warmed up (filter) because the flow of cool diesel drastically reduces the temperature when the engine is running.
                            Probably an in-line heater will solve if the flow speed is high enough.
                            As I do not have the slightest idea of speed and flow, I can see what's going on.
                            Thermometer TA-288.


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                              Cooking thermometer. Borrowed from Mrs Mottofree I presume.


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