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running issues and struggling to climb hills

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  • running issues and struggling to climb hills

    hi just bought a smart car. Driving home i could not get up hills. There is a leak on the exhaust manifold. would this cause an issue with loss of power? I had an engine management light on also which said misfire cylinder 1. Could this also be due to the leaking manifold

    thanks in advance

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    it sounds like the engine is due a rebuild


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      If you bought it from a dealer, take it back and reject it

      If you bought it private, you don't have much other option than to suck it up and have whatever work that's needed, done.
      That MIGHT not be as severe as a full rebuild, COULD be ht leads and duff plugs (if it's pre 2007, then note/remember it has six plugs), also COULD be a number of other things contributing including the turbo/manifold.
      But it COULD be as severe as a full engine rebuild.

      Don't let diagnostics lead you down the garden path.
      The misfire may actually be a misfire due to poor spark, but it could just be collateral damage from a very poorly/sick compression.
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        Take it back - demand a refund. Even if it's private sale, if the seller is genuine they should be willing to take it back.

        You probably have found the reason why it was for sale in the first place - and unless you have 1500 or so for new turbo and engine rebuild (assuming it's a 450?), and you paid 1500 less than the market value for the car (i.e. 500 or less) then you have very likely bought a "pup" I'm afraid.


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