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LOOKING FOR A FEW SPARES .............please help if you can

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  • LOOKING FOR A FEW SPARES .............please help if you can

    hi guys and thank you for accepting me to the site.....

    I am in France and just bought a 450 and thought I'd take a trip to the scrap yard to get my little 450 healthy again...............1st mistake, they looked at me and uttered in their best 'Allo Allo' voice "good moaning, but it is not a Peugeot or a Citroen.....why on earth have you bought a hair drier and want spares for that, and besides it is German.....and we don't even talk about Germans in this country"
    Going through the car it is full of bodge-ups and missing items and I was wondering if anyone had spares that they were not using that they could sell me, I will of course cover costs, etc

    I need;
    1 off spark plug lead
    1 off aerial socket (left hand door)
    1 off -the silly little (is it a cup holder/don't know what it is) on the back of the seat

    and if anyone DOES agree to send me these, might as well add the following into the package (IF you have/sell them that is)

    1 off set of double electrode spark plugs
    1 off O2 sensor (for the cat specifically but I understand that both are the same (round plug)

    I am sure if I think hard enough I could think of a few other things but that's all for now
    thank you all in advance
    John Saint-Laurent

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    Firstly welcome (we have 2 x 450's).
    Secondly Have you had a look at Evilution site? & its spares / upgrades section?

    Are you located in colder / warmer climes / altitude? ..the 450 likes to be started & used regularly, so a trickle charger is a good thing to fit with something like a comfort plug (ctek) for swooping in & out.

    Unless you are looking to make it pristine, the "cup holder" (back of the seat) isn't really a cup holder as such, nor great in movement, the real cup holder sits low front of the centre dash console, its about 25 - 35 on ebay. ..if you need drinks on the go (no air conditioning for instance) ..what you are referring to is a coat hook (page 97 of instruction manual if you have access to the PDF of the manual)

    I'm curious that considering the city car ethos of the smart i've seen in french cities there don't seem to be more being broken for spares?

    Rubber replacement aerial is 6.50 (smart mods)

    This listing may be better value?

    As far as the sensor is concerned is it totally duff? ..have you cleaned it & tried it again? The sensor(s) are bog standard, interchangeable Bosch componentry (ie cheaper than you'd imagine, again there is a good page on that f you are not overly sure.

    Whilst info here is free, Evilution is worth the sub, though there is a lot for free there also, as is with FQ101 site, I've been a member there for 3 years now & it makes for very good reading (pics are being upgraded currently)...valuable resource for me as a non tech owner.

    Have you sealed the rear various rear quarter window leaks, if not please be careful with the small "caps" they are no longer produced, they will need prising out carefully, there are a few floating around in mercedes benz garages like ours in Newcastle, also on ebay (I just bought a spare).

    I feel I must point out the location of the smart factory Is / was Hambach in France A.K.A. "Smartville" ..mention it to your local salvage chaps if you want a laugh.

    Bearing how many are on the road in Berlin, Ebay Germany is likely a good bet for a bounty of nearby spares.. (I was counting one every 10 seconds it seemed when there last year in July)

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