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Jackhammer sound coming from engine 450

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  • Jackhammer sound coming from engine 450

    There is a jackhammer sound coming from my engine. The jackhammer sound comes only when the vehicle is parked “idle”. The sound is present on N gear D gear and R, but it disappears as soon as I step on the gas pedal or accelerate even little. The sound can be properly heard from inside the vehicle and outside the vehicle more especially behind on the driver’s side, and in the tip of the exhaust pipe. However, when I looked under the sound got lauder from the passenger side. This sound started when I was parking at a residential area, at first, I thought that it was sound from a jackhammer nearby, but then I found out it was my car. The vehicle drives normal. Just as if there is no issue.

    Recording of the sound

    1 month ago, I changed engine oil, then 2 days after the sound started, I added engine to see if it would help but the sound is persisting.

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    Clutch - judging by the fact it disappears when driving - when it will be engaged.


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      Probably clutch pac straps broken, fairly common thing to happen. Simplest repair is to replace the clutch pac.


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