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  • Coolant gauge

    I have an early 451 which has a factory coolant gauge

    Just wondering what number of segments illuminated I should get concerned about? Sat in traffic today there were two segments not illuminated and I didn't hear the cooling fan

    From memory there are 8 segments (50 - 120'c)

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    I'd check the handbook if I were you. A rough calculation suggests 102.5C - a touch high.


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      Unfortunately I didn't get a handbook with the car and all of the downloadable owner's manuals seem to cover the later 451 which doesn't have a coolant gauge

      During normal driving the gauge sits halfway at four illuminated segments


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        Then 2 segments (not the usual 4) from the top does imply it's running on the hot side. If it's only in traffic in very hot weather maybe not a big deal. If it doesn't return to the halfway mark on the move then definitely investigate. It won't hurt to check the basic stuff - coolant level, radiator getting free airflow, water pump belt tension - those kind of things.


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          Thank you for your input

          I put the interior fan onto hot at full speed and it came back down to five segments illuminated. Once moving again it quickly went back to the usual four segments illuminated

          I'm assuming the coolant gauge was removed for this very reason....some customers worried


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            Check the fan's fuse. If the gauge goes high again, get out and see if the fan is on. If not, something amiss there.

            Gauge deleted as cost cutting I think. Bit of a disaster for the MHD models!


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              Just found this



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                Post # 6 has it covered it seems.


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